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Fishing and Bait Licenses PDF Print E-mail

Here we will post the requirements for all fishing licenses as per province and towards the coast, the requirements on removing bait etc from our local shoreline.

Again this will serve as a quick guideline which will hopefully be easy to browse for your referring interest.

The feedback I received is nothing short of a joke!

From provinces that have now started to enforce their law concerning fishing licenses in some parts to completely abolishing the whole license issue altogether.
As we stated all nine province now has their own authorities and regulations as to how they govern their specific provinces in terms of laws and licenses, and therefore does not have a head office or governing body that they report to anymore. Now they decide what the law details and enforces per province including the requirement around fishing licenses.

This now means (as it happened with Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces recently) that should they decide to hike the price or abolish the whole issue for whatever reason, nobody can tell them they can't. Thus Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces made it very clear in their last meeting that they will not continue with any licensing matters, issuing or law enforcement as they now feel that they can not expect their black communities to acquire a license since fishing is a main food source for a lot of people. Yet we all know that this only happens on a small scale since they all sell these fish to anyone that goes by.
This might also mean that not only did they now stop checking for licenses completely since it is now not required anymore, but there might not be anymore prosecution to anyone caught netting in those dams. Imagine that!

Now if this doesn't make you sick, Gauteng has gone back to sending people around the dams on weekends, checking for licenses and is now the only province in the northern part of the country that actually has law enforcement. When I spoke to the contact person in the provincial office, he explained to me that they see it in the same light as a vehicle license and it is not their job to issue you with a license if you are required to produce your documents.

I was told by this individual that the spot fine is a minimum of R500-00 and is up to the discretion of the official whether he/she want to confiscate everything you used to commit this crime. (fishing without a license.)

While this might sound good to them on paper, I hope for their sake that the official is bigger than me as I will beat anyone of them into a pulp and drop them off at the nearest police station, if anyone of them so much as touch anything of mine. Since it seems they now do as they please, so can we. Anyone touching your fishing equipment without your consent is committing a crime. Stealing is still a crime in this country, or has that law been changed too?

As long as some province's employees refuse to do their jobs, while others now think they can enforce the law in only one province, we will not support this outrageous zone laws.

And to top it all off, provinces that outsourced the licensing to nature conservation and the likes , didn't give us any better help than the other provinces. While KZN decided that the dams should sell their own licenses as they see fit, it doesn't mean you can go fish at Sterkfontein with the license you bought at Midmar. There you need to buy another inland license. It has become more than ridiculous.
Did I forget to mention that this licensing department or the authority thereof won't be doing it from next year anymore? Yes, they are closing down at the end of the year as there is just too costly and they don't have money anymore. So from 2010 , the marine and coastal in KZN will fall under Cape Province's marine and Coastal department. And if you think that might solve the problem, think again. I received four contact numbers for the marine and coastal offices in Cape Town but since their reception even told me that they won't pick up and phones , he gave me their email addresses. 

Up to date, I have not yet received one reply from anyone of the mails I sent to them. Seems like every time they pick up the phone, it is a problem that needs solving and I don't think they are in the problem solving business.

ANY suggestions on anything we could possibly do to sort this out will be greatly appreciated and WILL be  followed up.

I really hope one of them sees this and respond to it, but I highly doubt that.

One can only hope.

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