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Introducing FAVISA PDF Print E-mail

Welcome back to FAVISA, Short for "Fishing and Venues in South Africa".

After my last yet another disappointing fishing trip I came to realise just how much of a kick in the butt this website needs. I hate the way it looks, hate the way it operates, and basically fed up with how little it offers really.
So I have 2 options, close it down or do something new.

What exactly will happen I don't know yet, but I have a pretty good idea. First thing I need to do is get rid of all the dead weight, so a lot of the content on this website will soon be no more.

I will mainly concentrate on where to fish and how to get there. Venues, venues venues!! And less tabs to click on.

 Just a heads up. This site will as of now be under construction, but I'm not taking it off the web in case someone needs a number etc.
So bear with me if something isn't posted correectly, it will soon be arranged in it's new location, or completely trashed. We'll see.


Take Notice

Take notice - Fishing Licenses

We regretfully inform you that we no longer will try to negotiate with the government trying to sell fishing licenses online.

After 2 years of flat out ignoring us and the inability to understand just how easy it is to sell fishing licenses online, we decided to give up. It has become just too frustrating to try and speak to any official that we've given up the idea altogether..


Favisa can not be held responsible for any given information that might change after publishing or erroneous detail forwarded by clients or anyone that contributes to this site. This includes any price changes of venues or store advertisements, club fees or any phone number that might have changed as a contact number. The same applies to any establishment that might have closed down without our knowledge.

More Info

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or even interrested to list your details as part of this great website!

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it | 021 981 2041

Favisa - Fishing and Venues in South Africa

We only advertise fishing related aspects and do not sell any equipment, nor are we  a fishing destination.
Since this is exactly why we host this website, feel free to browse our categories where our fishing friends have posted theirs.