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Introducing FAVISA PDF Print E-mail

Welcome to FAVISA. The main aim of this site is not only to bring the South African fisherman to the business but in turn to bring the business to the fisherman.
We offer:

  • To bring together the entire fishing community in all its aspects.
    Advertising fishing venues to the whole Country.
    Useful info on Fish, Dams, Rivers, etc.
    Listing events on our Fishing Calendar.
    Advertising your fishing related business.
    Post your catch in our Fishing Gallery.
    Listing in the Classifieds section.


Take Notice

Alpha Pro Brackenfell - To blame or not?

August 2012

Let me start by saying that I don't normally post things like this, but in this specific case, I just felt I had to.

 It started off a year and a half ago when we all moved to Western Cape and equipped ourselves with shore angling gear, bought by recommendation from Richard (the owner) at Alpha Pro Fishing Specialists in Brackenfell Western Cape.

Two rods, two reels, rucksack tackle boxes and basically 2 of everything as the wife also fishes avidly now.
Needless to say the purchase amounted far into the thousands, and more than I would have hoped for, but I assured myself it was expensive since we are buying quality, right?

Yeah right! and this is where this debacle began...


FREE advertising!!!

We normally ask everyone to provide a name and a number with their listing, but there are so many options that could aid your venue or service that I was wondering why most people only supply these 2 then.

With technology comes advantages and I would like all of you to make use of this.
For instance, when you add a NEW ENTRY , there's the option to submit your GPS coordinates. When in a remote destination, the option to fill in a "nearest town" one people might recognize or even find on a map.

If you need to tell people of your services there's the option to do that even, and then a long list of tickbox options where you simply check the ones which might be relevant.
With these tabs you'll find there's space to put your logo and/or company icon.
If you have a website, then include your URL which in turn will auto-direct the browser to your own website.

The only thing we require if you need to post any pictures, is to mail them to us for screening purposes which I will then personally post with your entry. This is still a family website and for that reason I can't take any chances. Note that any photo should be no more than 900 pixels wide.

And this my friends remains free, Not ABSOLUTELY free, not AMAZINLGY free, not even WOW it's FREE, just free. That's it.
And no, you don't have to dial in the next hour to make use of this wonderful offer, because our "qualified"operator won't gladly assist, since I would probably be sleeping.

The "Add your own Entry" tab appears in blue on the top of just about every page. Now go advertise!

Bronkieshengel - Letter from a disgusted angler.

(Received this 17-4-2012)

Good day,

To my utter disgust me and my family had a stand at the above dam over Easter.  I have never seen toilet facilities that is so un-hygienic as that weekend.

1. The toilets were overflowing and they were smeared .
2. The  water is yellow and there is floating matters in them.
3. The taps doesn't have handles
4. The showers and toilets doesn't have doors so there is no privacy( if a male walks into the wrong bathroom he will see you)
5. The loose standing toilets haven't been cleaned in a long time because you cannot breath let alone go near them.
6. The tap handles gets removed during the day so you cannot wash your hands after you've been to the toilet or you cannot shower.
7. The staff goes into these bathrooms while people are in it and with no doors you are a sitting duck.
8. There is no signs to tell you which toilet is for what gender.

We were booked in from the Friday to the Monday but left Saturday  due to these circumstances. When we asked for our money back they just said that we must report it. Upon asking the Managers name and number they said they don't have it.

With the facilities in such a state people will get sick. With no doors you are leaving your patrons open to crime (rape) which nearly happened. We were on our way to the toilet around 21h00 when we heard a girl scream in the bathroom. When we got there a drunk had pushed the girl down on the floor. When he saw us he said he had a fright when she yelled and she slipped and that there is no signs on the doors so he by accident took the wrong entrance.

This is a serious matter which must not be taken lightly.


Adele Viljoen.


(Last time I was there, the manager's name was Andrew, and all I can say is he loves the sound of his own voice. Don't expect any service there - Eric.)

Take notice - Fishing Licenses

We regretfully inform you that we no longer will try to negotiate with the government trying to sell fishing licenses online.

After 2 years of flat out ignoring us and the inability to understand just how easy it is to sell fishing licenses online, we decided to give up. It has become just too frustrating to try and speak to any official that we've given up the idea altogether..

Neighboring Countries
As South Africans frequent our neighboring fishing waters, it becomes part of our job to advertise their venues and offers. So should you know of a venue or establishment that would like to make use of this offer, let them know about us, or tell us about them.
Become an Informant
As it is impossible to visit every single fishing venue in South Africa, we gladly accept contributions from our fellow fishermen as what to expect from certain fishing spots. Bottom line is we don't have the time or the money to frequent this more than pleasurable "expedition" within the time frame that we call life.
More Info

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or even interrested to list your details as part of this great website!

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it | 021 981 2041

Favisa - Fishing and Venues in South Africa

We only advertise fishing related aspects and do not sell any equipment, nor are we  a fishing destination.
Since this is exactly why we host this website, feel free to browse our categories where our fishing friends have posted theirs.